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BlackPeps LTD Braces has been specifically designed to help relieve pain resulting from a hip injury, sciatica, groin strain, hamstring pull, SI joint injury, or related conditions. Therapeutic neoprene helps to retain body heat needed to warm muscles, provides soothing compression, and increases blood circulation, which reduces recovery time. It uses a completely adjustable hook and loop fasteners for both the waist and the thigh to ensure a perfect fit. Hip compression wrap doesn't restrict movement during running or daily household chores. It stays in place at all times and provides the extra support and stability one needs in high-performance sports to get back in the game with confidence. Hip compression wrap for women and men works great after hip replacement or hip fracture surgery.


Q: What conditions does the BlackPeps groin brace help?

A: The BlackPeps brace provides pain-relieving support for conditions such as a pulled groin, quad or hamstring, a hip flexor injury, hip bursitis, labral tear, sciatic nerve pain, SI joint pain and other injuries.

Q: Will the groin wrap help me with the pain in my hip and sciatic pain?

A: Yes, it supports the hip flexor with compression therapy for pain relief while increasing blood circulation to promote healing.

Q: Can you wash the brace?

A: Yes! The brace can be machine washed in cold water. Air dry before use.

Q: Can I use this on either leg?

A: Yes! The brace is designed to support either leg.

Q: What is the size range of the brace?

A: The groin brace adjusts to fit waist sizes from 25” to 55” and thigh sizes from 18” to 33”.


I have had hip issues on and off since high school. Recently it has been getting aggravated because of my new job which requires a fair amount of bending, lifting, and walking (some days I walk over ten miles). Before using the brace I'd end up taking ibuprofen about 4 hours in to a shift. Since I started wearing it I can make it through 8 hours without needing any.


The compression on the lower back and added stability throughout the joint seem to be what I needed for sure. It did take me a few tries to get it on myself at a comfortable tightness so I'd recommend giving yourself time to get used to it.


When I saw this Blackpeps Brace I believed it would be exactly what I needed for pain relief while walking. I've had four surgeries to fix pain caused by an arthritic hip, nerve root pressure on two lumbar synovial cysts, and a severe MRSA infection. Five months of slow recovery left me weak and unstable. This wrap allows me to walk without a cane and with little residual pain. I am thrilled with its construction and its support to the muscles that are still atrophied. THANK YOU


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